Mini tiller with assories


Rate: Nu. 243,865.27

Model No. Part No. Manufacturer
MM658A NA Mitsubishi
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Stock and Contact Details
Store In Stock Contact No. Email
      Central Store 17736173
      Manufacturing & Production Unit
      ADM-Store (Head Quarter, Paro)
      Production Store 17941186 nil
Bajo Regional Office
      ADM-Store (RFMCL, Bajo)
      Bajo Store 02-481431 /
      FMSC Drakten
      Nobding FMSC
Khangma Regional Office
      FMSC Phuntshothang
      POL Station-Ngatshang Mongar
      FMSC Tangmachu
      Khangma Store 04-535135
      Kangpar POL Station
      FMSD Pemagatshel
      ADM-Store (RFMCL, Khangma)
      Thrimtshing Geog
      POL Station Merak
      Samrang Geog
      Yalang POL Station
      POL Station Drametse
Paro Regional Office
      FMSC Samtse
      Paro Store 08-272438/272917/272125
      ADM-Store (RFMCL, Paro)
      Nitchula Farm
      DFP Haa
      Dechenphu Farm
Samtenling Regional Office
      ADM-Store (RFMCL, Samteling)
      FMSC Buli
      DFP Zhemgang
      FMSC Chuzagang
      DFP Tsirang
      Samteling Store 06-252707
      FMSC Lhamoizingkha