Kadrinchey Hon’ble Board Of Directors (BoD) and Tashi Delek on completing your tenure with FMCL as BoD


The constant guidance and support from your kind individuals have given an immense opportunity for FMCL to grow every day! It may not have been in line with the expectation of concern BoDs, yet it was a memorable journey!!

It was never an easy journey and hurdles were felt across every activity being implemented on daily basis. Yet the undying support from the seasoned and experienced BoDs has always been a motivational and encouraging response in taking a newly established company to a current stage.

We will always remember your blessings and prayers in the days to come!! We will ensure to make you proud of all the concerns you have today in taking the company to a new height.

Thank you and we will always look forward to your unremitting support as always.