Officials from COO & International Affairs of AgroStudies based in Israel


Mr. Yaron Tamir, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Mrs. Inbal Shoval, COO & International Affairs of AgroStudies based in Israel are in the country for two days to meet with the officials of MoAF.

The CEO of FMCL hosted a simple lunch for the delegates and took an opportunity to extend gratitude for the opportunity received by our field staff to intern with their esteem organization. At least 73 staff of FMCL is sent to Agro Studies starting 2016 to 2021 for a period ranging from one to two years. Another batch of 33 officials will be sent in the next few weeks.

The internship program has immensely benefited our people in getting the technical skills and exploring modern agriculture technologies aside from the earnings. The majority of the officials once returned from the program is deployed with the commercial farms owned by FMCL.

The management and alumni of AgroStudies from FMCL wish them a good stay in the country.