Exclusive Discount on Obsolete Items


Attention all customers! Starting from October 1st, 2023, Farm Machinery Corporation Limited in Bondey, Paro will be offering a 50% discount on obsolete items. For further details and clarifications, please reach out to our officials. You can contact Mr. Sandip Raj Gurung, Head Procurement Division (975-77736173) Mrs. Tshewang Lhamo, Store In-charge (975-17978281) and Mr. Garab Dorji, Store In-charge, Paro (975-17571802). Don't miss this amazing opportunity to save big!


1.Brush Cutter Machinery & Spare Parts

2. Corn Flake Machine & Spare Parts

3. Drip Irrigation Equipment

4. Electric Motor Machinery

5. Engine Machinery & Spare Parts

6. Flour Mill Machinery Spare Parts

7. Milk Peculator

8. Mini Mitsubishi Power Tiller & Spare Parts

9. Mitsubishi Power Tiller with Rotary Tiller-Spare Parts

10. Oil Expiller-Spare Parts

11. Power Thresher Machinery & Spare Parts

12. Power Tiller Spare Parts

13 Reaper-Spare Parts

14 Rice Huller-Machinery & Spare Parts

15. Rotary Tiller-Spare Parts

16. Silo 500 kg & 800 kg

17. Sprayer & spare parts

18. Tools

19. Tractor 28 HP Captain (Engine Only)

20. Transplanter-Spare Parts

21. Weeder-Machinery & Spare Parts